Know When You May Need to Replace Your HVAC System With These Top Signs

Did you know that the HVAC market was worth $240.8 billion as of 2019? Things that make up the market consist of purchasing new HVAC units for a home, refurbishing them, repairs, and so much more. And while we’re not here to give you a lesson on marketing today, we are here to give you just a little clue as to how important HVAC units are for people all over the world. HVAC systems are what keep a home’s temperatures regulated, keeps the air clean, and much more. 

So when you suspect that your HVAC system is going out, you’re allowed to worry. And for good reason, too. Not only can HVAC systems be expensive to replace (because it involves your entire home), but they can be expensive to repair too. However, before you fret and worry about how you’re going to schedule a maintenance appointment or pay for your HVAC system to be replaced, you should be absolutely sure that your HVAC system is on its way out.

That’s what the team here at Rowbel Services is here to help you with today. Today, we’ll not only go over some of the most common things that go wrong with HVAC systems, but we’ll also talk about some signs that you might actually need to replace your HVAC system or some of its parts.

Most Common Problems People Run Into With an HVAC System

If you’re like many people, the minute you hear a weird noise or your AC/heating stops working properly, you freak out. So many thoughts go through your head, like “What was that noise?” or “Why is my air conditioning not working all of a sudden?”. We recognize that those instances can be stressful, which is why we’ve dedicated this entire section to listing the most common problems you’re likely to run into with your HVAC system and how you may be able to tell they’re happening.

Restricted or Blocked Air Flow Throughout Your Home

One of the biggest issues that people have with their HVAC systems is noticeably reduced air flow throughout their homes. This can present itself in a number of ways, including:

  • Certain rooms (or all rooms) seeming stuffier than they normally are, regardless of the season or weather
  • Specific rooms seeming like they are much cooler or warmer than others
  • A feeling like you always have to have windows open to get air to circulate through your home
  • In colder months, the consistent need to use space heaters to heat up rooms in your home

There are a number of different reasons why your air flow may be restricted or blocked. The most common reason for this is that your vents have some sort of blockage in them, or that your filters haven’t been replaced in a long time (or if they have been, that they’re defective). 

If this sounds like an issue you’re having, don’t worry. It is a common issue, and one that’s easily solvable. We recommend calling your local HVAC experts to assist you with this issue and any others that you may be having, as they’ll be able to help you out the best. If you’re looking for excellent HVAC service at superb price points, the team here at Rowbel Services would love to help you out! Contact us here to get started.

Your Thermostat Doesn’t Work Properly

Imagine this scenario. It’s a cold, winter day and you’re just getting done with some holiday shopping. You get back home, set the thermostat to a warm setting, and sit back to enjoy some hot chocolate. But after 15 minutes, you notice that you’re not getting any warmer. In fact, you’re colder than when you got home! You angrily go over back to your thermostat to start adjusting it again and crossing your fingers to hope it works this time around. 

If this situation sounds like one you’ve been in before or similar, you’re not alone. It can be quite annoying or frightening to realize that your thermostat doesn’t seem to be working as it should be. In fact, it’s a quite common problem to have. We’ve compiled this list of the most common reasons why your thermostat may not be functioning like normal:

  • The battery in your thermostat is dead or not functional
  • The thermostat reset itself
  • The thermostat wasn’t programmed correctly to begin with
  • Other miscellaneous issues (that will need to be diagnosed and fixed by a service technician)

Before you start scrambling to see how you can get your thermostat replaced, we recommend you read the thermostat’s service manual first as a place to begin. The manual will have detailed yet easy-to-understand instructions on how to fix your thermostat. If all else fails, you likely need to schedule an HVAC expert to assist you with the diagnostic testing and repairs.

Loud Furnace Noises

Loud, strange, or out of the ordinary furnace noises are something that many people recall experiencing with their HVAC systems at some point during the system’s lifespan. To make matters worse, the noises may never be the same from one day to the next, and the noises often indicate different issues occurring with your furnace. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons as to why your furnace could be making these loud noises. 

However, you shouldn’t lose all hope! HVAC specialists and maintenance technicians are specially equipped to help you out with all your furnace needs. They’ll be able to hear the noises firsthand or note down noises you tell them and be able to devise solutions as quickly as possible. 

Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Work Properly (Or At All)

Another frustrating, yet common issue that people experience with their HVAC systems is issues with the air conditioning not working properly, or not working altogether. From your AC not blowing cool air to it not turning on, there are a variety of reasons why your AC might not be working. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons:

  • Your air filters are blocked or need to be changed
  • The refrigerant line pipes burst or have a leak in them
  • Your compressor is cracked or broken
  • A circuit got tripped somehow

As you can see, the variety in what may cause your AC to stop working is great. This is why we recommend contacting an Air Conditioning Technician or an HVAC system to help you properly diagnose and fix the issue. If you have recurring issues with your AC and would like experts to help you out as soon as possible, contact Rowbel Services. We have many trained technicians that will be able to help your AC get back to normal as soon as possible.

Your Air Quality Seems Diminished

Another problem many people have with their HVAC systems is diminished air quality throughout their home. If your air smells like must, mold, or is too dry/humid, there’s likely an issue with your filters or ventilation. 

Room humidifiers or dehumidifiers can provide temporary relief, but over time, the quality of your air will likely get worse as your HVAC system is consistently used. We recommend writing down all the air quality issues you’re having and contacting an HVAC repair company to help get to the bottom of the problem once and for all.

Water Leaks

Although slightly less common, water leaks happen to a lot of people. Whether it be little dribbles of water you noticed coming down your windows, vents, or other places, water leaks are serious. If left untreated, they could lead to mold growth or other larger issues with your HVAC system.

The minute you notice water leaks caused by your air conditioning, we recommend that you schedule a maintenance call with your dedicated HVAC technician right away. If you don’t yet have an HVAC company you use to help with your HVAC needs, Rowbel Services is happy to help you out.

How to Tell That You Might Need to Replace Your HVAC System

Now that you’re able to recognize some of the common problems you may encounter with your HVAC system, let’s take a look at some tell-tale signs you may need to replace parts of your system (or the whole thing). If you encounter any of the issues mentioned previously, or you just have a suspicion that something is wrong, don’t hesitate to make a diagnostic or maintenance appointment. Rowbel Services would love to help you out!

Your Energy Bills Consistently Increase

The first few months after you start using your air conditioner or heater again, it’s not uncommon to see your energy bills go up each month. However, if your energy bills keep climbing even after you’ve lowered or used a heater/AC the same amount, it may be pointing to a larger issue at hand. 

It is not normal to have your energy bills consistently increasing, which is why we recommend you talk to an HVAC technician as soon as possible to diagnose and fix any issues your HVAC system may be having. 

Repair Costs Are More Than Half the Cost of a New Unit

It’s not uncommon to have parts replaced on your main HVAC unit every once in a while. But as the unit gets older and you have to pay for repairs on what seems like a regular basis, it may be time to start evaluating if the repairs are worth the price or not.

As a general rule of thumb, if your total repair costs are greater than half the price of a new main unit, it is likely a good idea to have the main unit replaced by a new one. Your energy bills may go down and your repair costs will be lowered in the long run.

Your HVAC System Is 10+ Years Old

Just like a car, washer, or dryer, components of your HVAC system will begin to deteriorate over time. Even if you maintain your HVAC system to the best of your ability, it’ll still age and eventually need to be replaced. It’s recommended that you get your entire HVAC system replaced every 10-15 years to ensure everything is up-to-date and up-to-code with laws and regulations. 

If you don’t know how old your HVAC system is, it never hurts to call an HVAC technician to help you diagnose the system you have installed now. They’ll be able to make judgements based on its current condition and how well it functions.

The Air In Your Home Consistently Smells Weird, Even After You Change Filters

The first time you use the air conditioner or heater during cold or warm weather, it isn’t uncommon to smell ‘old’ air. However, that smell should go away after ten minutes as air is circulated throughout your home and filtered properly. The problem arises when you constantly smell strong or unnatural odors from your furnace or air conditioner.

There are different smells that indicate different problems, each of which are dangerous if you’re left exposed to it for too long. Furthermore, they could be an indicator that you need to get your HVAC system replaced, especially if you’ve smelled these odors on a regular basis. 

It is never safe to try and fix issues like this on your own. We recommend making an appointment with your local HVAC technician right away so they can get to the bottom of the issue before it’s too late.

You’re Frequently Calling Repair People

Aside from having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system, there shouldn’t be a need to call HVAC repair personnel more than twice a year. If you notice that you are making frequent calls to repair personnel in order to diagnose and fix problems you have with your HVAC system, it could be time to look towards installing a new one.

We recognize that this can be a difficult task, which is why everyone at Rowbel Services would love to help you out. We can give you professional, unbiased opinions about your HVAC system’s lifespan and when it may be time to get a new system installed.

Concluding Thoughts

Rowbel Services recognizes just how important it is that the HVAC system in your home works the way it should. Even more so, we completely understand that you don’t want to pay for repairs if you don’t have to. After all, they can get expensive!

After reading this guide, we hope you’re better informed on the most common problems you could encounter with your HVAC system, and when it may actually be time to replace parts or the whole system. If you have any questions or concerns, schedule a maintenance appointment with Rowbel Services. We’ll get you taken care of as fast as possible.

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