Rowbel Services is a leader in all aspects of the HVAC industry. We specialize in residential, commercial, and multi-family HVAC preventative maintenance, installation, and repair services. In our early days, we started as a residential-based provider and quickly expanded to include multi-family and commercial properties. Rowbel Services utilizes advanced technology to offer up-to-date solutions to our customers wherever they may be.

Our service areas include the entire Tri-State area. If you need larger HVAC service projects, we can provide those services to the entire eastern seaboard. Not only are we leaders with providing quality service, we have the knowledge to get your job done right. We have years of experience in the HVAC industry with mechanical solutions. With tons of 5 star reviews on Google, you know we’re not just talking the talk. We walk the walk!

For more information about HVAC mechanical service and what each may look like from a practical standpoint, keep on reading. We’ll talk about the most common heating, cooling, and ventilation installation, repair, and preventative maintenance solutions. By the time we get to your home or business, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing.

Heating Installation Services

The heating installation process looks a little different for each type of building. This section breaks down heating installation between residential and commercial spaces.

Residential Installation

In modern-day 2023, most residential homes install central heating solutions. Although an HVAC technician will need to install air vents and ducts as well, it’s a much easier and efficient process than installing heating units in each separate room. If you want to install heating units in each room, it’s a good idea to talk to your technician so they can provide you with the right type of equipment for the job.

You’ve chosen to install central heating. After this selection, you’ll need to choose which specific type of heater you want to install. Any experienced HVAC expert will tell you about the different types, their pros, and cons. They might even make a recommendation to you based on your home and heating needs.

After the selection process is complete, your HVAC team will gather the correct parts and schedule your installation day. They’ll arrive ready to go and begin your installation. Of course, they’ll give you more details on the day of the installation. Once they finish, they’ll clean up, perform some testing to make sure everything works the way it should, and they’ll be on their way.

Commercial Installation

Commercial HVAC heating installation works a little differently than residential installation. While residential building owners only need to select their specific heating system, commercial owners need to make informed decisions about the type of units they want installed and the specific type of the mechanical equipment.

There are three main types of commercial installation heating units people install: single package, VRF systems, and split systems. The type that’s best for your building depends on the layout of the building, your specific needs for the commercial space, and a few other factors. Typically, you’ll have a general idea of what type will work best for the building once it’s built, however, not everyone does.

In this case, an HVAC technician can perform an in-depth look at the layout and construction of your building and make educated recommendations on what would be best for you. After selecting all the equipment the expert will need for the installation, they’ll select an installation date. Once that date arrives, they’ll complete the installation.

They may need to perform multiple different tests to ensure the entire heating system works, especially if you have a larger commercial building. After performing these tests and cleaning up the area, you’ll be good to use your new heating equipment.

Cooling Installation Services

We get how hot and humid the summers are here. Our cooling installations ensure you never go a day without functioning air conditioning in residential and commercial places. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about cooling installation.

Residential Installation

As with a central heating system, a central cooling system is one of the most common types of air conditioning installed in residential spaces. Window AC units are also common in places that don’t have or can’t install central air conditioning. If you have a window unit, you can typically install this yourself. However, our HVAC techs are more than happy to help you out if you have problems with the installation.

Central cooling system installation generally works the same way as heating installation. After making final selections on your equipment, you’ll pick a date and time for the installation. They’ll come in on time and do everything they need to do, clean up, and perform testing to make sure it works.

Commercial Installation

Commercial air conditioning services are a different animal than residential services for installation. As with heating installation, building owners must pick a type of HVAC unit they’re going to have installed. Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians are willing to help out at any step of the way if you need advice or simply don’t know which unit should be installed in your commercial space.

After you select a type of unit, our technicians will go over the parts needed for the installation. We’ll either use the parts we have or order the equipment. After we have everything we need, we’ll choose an installation date and time that works best for you. Our experts will arrive to the services call prepared and on-time, ready to install.

Once we finish the installation, we’ll clean up after ourselves and perform in-depth testing processes to ensure everything works. We’ll also tell you how to use the HVAC system, because managing HVAC commercial equipment can be confusing. Then, we’ll leave you to it!

Ventilation Installation Services

Typically, homes and businesses receive ventilation installations at the same time as a new heating or cooling system. Here’s some more information about how ventilation installations work in residential and commercial properties.

Residential Installation

Ventilation installation services look a little different for each home. The time, cost, and materials needed for the job varies based on how big your home is as well as the layout of your home and any other circumstances. Additionally, installation of air ducts and vents is a bit more involved than simply installing a heating or cooling unit. This is because our HVAC technicians have to ensure that the vents and air ducts run throughout the entire home, instead of just putting together a heating or cooling unit.

Once we gather all the tools and equipment we need, we’ll schedule a date and time that works best for you. When the day of the appointment arrives, we’ll show up to your home on time and ready to work. You’ll get any specific details or other information pertinent to your service project and we’ll begin our installation.

When we’re done with the installation, we’ll clean up any messes we’ve made. We’ll also rigorously test the ventilation system using both heating and cooling to make sure both units work. After that, we’ll let you get back to enjoying your HVAC system in your home!

Commercial Installation

Commercial air duct and vent installation is one of the most arduous and complicated HVAC installation services of them all. Think of residential installation multiplied by 10 – it’s a lot to handle! However, our talented technicians have the reliability and outstanding service to properly install ventilation to your commercial property.

We’ll have an in-depth consultation service appointment, select the mechanical equipment we need, let you know about the services, and book another installation appointment. On the day and time of installation, we’ll arrive early and with our best attitudes ready to take on the project.

We’ll perform the installation, clean up after ourselves, and perform in-depth testing to make sure all your equipment works. Our techs will also give you any information you might need to successfully use the HVAC system. Then, we’ll be on our merry way!

Heating Maintenance Services

Every heat system is different. It’s important to have maintenance performed on all your existing systems so you don’t have an HVAC emergency when you need your heating system the most. Here’s a little bit about the maintenance process for heating solutions.

Residential Maintenance

Residential heating maintenance doesn’t always have to be arduous and complicated. There are things you can do to help maintain the longevity of your heating system at home. Testing your heat before the cold season starts, cleaning the heating system regularly, and inspecting it for any visible damage go a long way to preserving your heating system.

As far as professional heating maintenance services goes, there are things we do to make sure your system is spic and span. Call us a few weeks before the temperatures are expected to drop. We’ll ensure everything is up and running, perform diagnostic tests, and inspect all the parts to make sure they’re in order. It doesn’t take much time, either. Then you’ll be up and running for the whole season!

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial maintenance of a heating system is a different animal than residential maintenance. This is because the systems typically have many more moving parts and cover more physical space.

When we arrive to help with the maintenance of your commercial heating system, we’ll start by performing visual inspections of everything for visible damage. We’ll clear any debris that might lie on the outside portions of your system and clear any other dust from the outside. After cleaning, we’ll turn your system on and perform tests to guarantee the entire heating system functions properly.

As with a residential HVAC system, it’s a good idea to get your commercial system checked out once every six months or around the time major seasons change. For example, it’d make sense for you to make a maintenance appointment in the fall to prepare for the cold winter season ahead.

Cooling Maintenance Services

Keeping up with your air conditioning maintenance is just as important as keeping up with your heating maintenance. Let’s take a look at how we provide preventative maintenance to your air conditioning systems.

Residential Maintenance

Residential cooling system maintenance services typically go the same way heating maintenance does. Proper maintenance starts with you doing your best to keep everything clean. Additionally, placing a maintenance services call anytime something goes awry or doesn’t seem right preserves the lifespan of your air conditioning longer than you think.

When we arrive to provide AC services, we’ll start with a visual inspection of your system. Clearing debris, looking for visible damage, and removing any dust or dirt from around the area helps us begin our process. Next, we perform testing to make sure everything functions properly. It’s recommended that you get your AC checked out during the spring to prepare for hot summer months.

Commercial Maintenance

As with heating maintenance services, cooling maintenance services in a commercial setting are far more involved than in a residential setting. When we arrive, we’ll perform visual inspections of all your equipment and get right to testing. If we find anything wrong, we’ll fix it on the spot or order the correct equipment to get you on your way.

Ventilation Maintenance Services

Ventilation maintenance services are perhaps the most important and integral part of your overall HVAC maintenance plan. If you don’t maintain your ventilation systems, you pose a safety and health hazard to you and other people inside the building. Here are ways in which we ensure those emergencies never happen.

Residential Maintenance

One of the first things we do when we arrive for your HVAC services is identify when all your filters were last changed. It’s recommended that you change your filters every 3 months or so, just to keep any debris, dust, dirt, or bacteria out of your home. It might be helpful to time your filter changing around the time you get your maintenance done. This way, you only have to worry about it twice per year.

After changing your filters, we perform a deep cleaning of your entire ventilation system. Using the best tools and premium technology, we make sure that there aren’t any dust bunnies standing in the way of a clean home.

Another task we perform is making sure there are no holes or critical damage in your air ducts or vents. Depending on the severity of the cracks or holes, you might need to get portions replaced. But that’s okay – we can do that too!

Commercial Maintenance

As HVAC professionals, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get your commercial ventilation system cleaned out and maintained twice per year. Because of the sheer size and volume of vents in a commercial space, missing even one appointment or cleaning service can pose a health risk and fire hazard to everyone in the building.

When we arrive at your building, we first change all the air filters and inspect the air ducts/vents for any damage. After that, we get to work cleaning, cleaning, cleaning away until it’s near brand-new quality.

Heating Repair Services

Even if you do everything right, there are still repairs that need to be done. In this case, you benefit from our excellent heating repair services. Here’s what we offer both residential and commercial spaces.

Residential Repair

There are numerous common (and uncommon) repairs that we have the capability to handle at Rowbel Services. In residential spaces, the most common issues with heating systems that we fix include:

  • Unusual noises
  • Thermostats not working properly
  • Unexplained increases in energy bills
  • Odd smells or smelling natural gas
  • Heaters that just don’t work

Additionally, we can assess when you might need new heating components or need to have your entire heating system replaced due to old age. While this doesn’t happen often, heating systems are typically replaced every 15 years or so. If you suspect you’d benefit from a new heating system, give us a call! We’ll check everything out.

Commercial Repair

Commercial heating system repairs can be quite extensive, difficult to diagnose, and difficult to fix. This is why there are some HVAC technicians who only specialize in commercial systems. They’re properly trained to take on large projects, identify major and minor problems, and have the education/experience to provide your commercial space with everything it needs to work properly.
The team here at Rowbel Services provides numerous different repair services to commercial heating systems. A non-exhaustive list of those services can be found below:

  • Poor air quality
  • Zones or floors that are hotter than others
  • Unexplained heating bill increases
  • Unusual noises, smells, or the smell of natural gas
  • Cracked pipes, clogged drain lines, or frozen coils
  • Unresponsiveness

Cooling Repair Services

Every air conditioning system needs repairs from time to time. Here’s an overview of just some cooling repairs the crew at Rowbel Services offers.

Residential Repair

Even if you do everything in your power to maintain your air conditioning system, there are times when parts break or need to be replaced. Here are some of the most common parts that need to be replaced on your residential cooling system:

  • Coils and other tubes (in the case of them freezing)
  • Your blower fan (due to normal wear and tear or other debris getting in the way)
  • Refrigerant
  • Your compressor

In some cases, you need many pieces replaced or your entire AC system replaced. This can be caused by years of normal use or catastrophic failure (which is less common). Whatever the case may be, Rowbel Services is here to help. Give us a call today!

Commercial Repair

There’s a higher risk of needing repairs on a commercial cooling system, just because of how large and spread out they are. Technicians might not have the proper tools or manpower to properly repair your commercial AC, and that’s okay. It’s worth it to find experts that specialize in commercial cooling so you know you get the best results possible.

Here are some of the most common problems we fix for commercial AC units:

  • Clogged evaporator coils
  • Leaks with condensers
  • Unusually large amounts of condensation
  • Damage done to units that stay outside
  • Strange noises or odors
  • Inconsistent cooling throughout the entire building

Ventilation Repair Services

Just as with your heating and air conditioning repairs, you’ll need ventilation repair from time to time. We offer repairs to both residential and commercial buildings.

Residential Repair

In many cases, residential repairs to ventilation can be avoided by the proper upkeep of your HVAC system. However, needing parts of your vents or air ducts replaced is par for the course. In residential areas, the most common fixes to ventilation include:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Replacing damaged vent covers
  • Replacing damaged air ducts

If you catch any problems you have early enough, chances are you won’t have to have your entire ventilation system replaced. On the rare occasion that this occurs, the process will take more time to fix.

Commercial Repair

Having regular maintenance services performed on commercial HVAC systems is crucial. As with residential buildings, you can avoid lots of the repairs that might accrue as a result of not having everything visually inspected. It’s good to catch any issues then. That way, you can have lower operating costs.

The most common commercial repairs are the same as residential repairs. Fixes to things such as damaged vent covers and air ducts as well as replacing air filters happen all the time.

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