HVAC maintenance is one thing that you shouldn’t push off for another day. Although it might not seem greatly important, performing regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems (regardless of whether you own residential or commercial properties) provides many invaluable benefits to you and your buildings. Having this maintenance performed doesn’t have to be a hassle, either. It’s as simple as making an appointment and waiting for our talented technicians to show up and work their magic.

Today, learn all about the different benefits of performing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. You’ll also get an inside look on the different services that are implemented into your maintenance plan so you have a better understanding of what’s going on when the crew arrives at your building.

Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

There are many benefits of preventative HVAC maintenance besides the upkeep of your HVAC system. Here are some of them and why it’s so important to have regular maintenance performed.

Avoid Costly Repairs

One of the biggest advantages you get as a result of regular maintenance is avoiding those costly repairs. HVAC systems, as with many other systems or machines, break down over time. Routine maintenance ensures that each part of your whole HVAC unit is looked at and kept in working order. Without routine maintenance, you run the risk of parts wearing down or breaking altogether. These things can be avoided and most importantly caught while you have technicians looking at your system during each appointment. The longer you let your HVAC system go, the higher a chance you get of parts breaking down without your knowledge. So say goodbye to a high HVAC maintenance cost!

HVAC Repair

You’re More Comfortable

Another reason you should consider routine maintenance is because you get to stay comfortable, and guarantee your comfortability year round. Without maintenance, you run the risk of components breaking or not working properly. In the cold winter months or hot summer months, the last thing you want to have happen is your heating and cooling system break down. Prevent that from happening and keep HVAC maintenance costs down by getting this regular HVAC maintenance.

You Have Guaranteed Safety

Your HVAC system has lots of moving parts. It’s full of electrical connections, condenser coils, drain lines, refrigerant lines, blower components, and more. While these things aren’t harmful while they’re in working condition, they get dangerous as they start to break down. You not only pose air quality problems to you and others in the building, but you run the risk of built up gas pressure, carbon monoxide poisoning, and starting fires due to a fire hazard if everything isn’t clean and in good working order. The bottom line? If you want to stay safe and keep your unit working efficiently, get HVAC maintenance!

Your Monthly Energy Bills Go Down

Another advantage to having this maintenance performed is that you save money with lower utility bills. The longer you go without maintenance, the longer you go with that debris, dust, and dirt buildup within your HVAC unit. The more buildup your unit has, the harder it has to work to do its job properly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t equate to a low utilization rate. The more your HVAC unit has to work, the more you’ll end up paying each month. Keep those costs down with preventative maintenance!

Your System Gets Lower Wear and Tear

We briefly mentioned this point in varying paragraphs above, but it’s really important to fully touch on it here. Similar to how your HVAC unit experiences greater dirt and debris buildup from irregular cleaning, your HVAC unit experiences more wear and tear that’s not maintained from irregular maintenance.

This’ll make more sense when we talk specifics of HVAC maintenance in the next section, but each task performed during your maintenance appointments helps prolong the lifespan of each individual part, thus lowering the wear and tear on them.

How Often To Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Now you know the benefits of HVAC maintenance and why it’s so important to have maintenance regularly performed. However, it can be confusing to know when you need this maintenance.

As a general rule of thumb, preventative HVAC maintenance should be performed twice a year, or every six months. We recommend scheduling maintenance appointments before winter (sometime in the fall) and before summer (sometime in the spring) so you can have your whole system evaluated before the harsh weather changes.

Some maintenance tasks, such as changing your air filters or testing system components, need to happen more often than every six months. You can perform these tasks yourself once every three months or 90 days. If you’re stuck on how to do these, that’s not an issue either. One of our technicians will be happy to help you out. We’ll even show you how to do these things yourself in case you want to take a more hands-on approach to your HVAC maintenance.

What’s Included In HVAC Maintenance?

Depending on the season you get your preventative maintenance, there are many different preventative tasks performed. Here’s an outline of what to expect during your routine maintenance appointment.

Young male technician cleaning air conditioner indoors

Clear Any Debris

First things first. In order to inspect each component and implement any necessary fixes, the areas around your unit have to be clean. After your technicians arrive at your business or residence, they’ll clean out any debris from your outdoor unit that obstruct their proper functioning. Next, they’ll do the same to inside components. Voila! Your HVAC technicians now have a clean space to work their magic.

Inspect For Any External Or Internal Damage

After clearing any debris, the technician will go through and perform a visual inspection of all unit components. They’ll look for any obvious signs of damage or normal wear and tear. If they see any damage, they’ll implement fixes and perform testing to make sure their fixes work. If they don’t notice anything obvious, they’ll move on to other maintenance tasks.

Change Your Air Filter

It’s not uncommon for HVAC experts to change any dirty filters you have during your routine maintenance appointment. They keep new air filters and other common parts in their service vehicles to quickly change everything out and make it good as new. Changing an air filter typically only takes a couple minutes, especially if your technician is experienced and doesn’t have to use a ladder to reach the filter location.

Commercial Duct System

Clean Your Air Ducts

While your filters get changed, your air ducts get cleaned too. Air ducts are a reservoir for bacteria, dirt, and debris buildup. Over time, these things cause great harm to you and your HVAC system as a whole if they aren’t attended to. Performing regular deep cleanings of your air ducts prevents any emergencies or accidents from happening.

Worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit

Lubricate Moving Parts

During your HVAC appointment, any moving parts such as gears, motors, bearings, and other moving parts are lubricated. This makes sure they’ve got a consistent surface to function properly and don’t grind away at one another or cause any other incidents.

Tighten Electrical Connections

Any electrical connections are tightened while a technician performs maintenance. Just like how lubrication prevents harsh wear and tear of moving components, tightening any electrical pieces makes sure they’re properly connected to one another and working the way they should.

Ensure Each System Works

This is probably the most lengthy yet important part of your regular HVAC maintenance services. After each individual service is performed and each part is cleaned up, the technician needs to see if each component in your unit works. They have specific testing procedures for each moving part that they run through individually.

It’s at this point where the technician will catch anything amiss, catch any broken parts, or catch anything that looks like it might be a cause for concern in the future. The technician needs to be highly attentive to each part. If one is forgotten about or not paid attention to fully, it could be a simple misunderstanding that causes larger issues later on down the road.

Male technician repairing air conditioner indoors

Perform Any Fixes Where Needed

After the HVAC technician identifies the working condition of each part, they’ll implement any fixes where necessary. Depending on the type of building, layout of the HVAC system, and complexity of the issues, your technician might or might not be able to perform immediate fixes. If they have all the parts on hand for what they need to do, they’ll be able to implement a fix right away.

In some cases, they’ll have to special order parts. After the parts arrive, they’ll be able to schedule another appointment and come back to your building and continue fixing anything that needs to be fixed.

It’s worth mentioning that after fixes are implemented, the HVAC unit is tested again to make sure the fixes were installed properly. After all is said and done, you’re good to use your HVAC system to its full potential again!

What To Do In Case of Emergency

Say you’ve done everything you can to keep the working status of your HVAC system up to date. Accidents and emergencies still happen, even if you do everything you can to prevent them. That’s okay, though. The best thing to do is to remain calm, and try not to panic.

If you’re experiencing an HVAC emergency and you need immediate assistance, Rowbel’s got you covered. Simply call our emergency hotline and try your best to describe the immediate problem at hand. One of our HVAC experts will come on out and fix the problem for you so you can get back to being comfortable in your own home.

Rowbel Can Help

If you ever have any concerns, questions, need maintenance tips, or want to schedule your next preventive maintenance appointment, give Rowbel Services a call. Not only do we offer our professional maintenance services, but we offer other HVAC services as well. Whatever fixes you need or problems you need diagnosed, we can handle. Have an emergency? That’s not an issue either with our 24/7 emergency repairs.

Our technicians have years of experience in the field providing these services to both residential and commercial buildings. At this point, we’ve pretty much done it all, and would love to give back to you and provide service to your HVAC system too. We understand your needs vary depending on your specific system and type of building. We’ll do whatever we can to address the situation at hand and get everything running like new.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully you have a better understanding of all the benefits that regular HVAC maintenance has for both you and your HVAC system. Besides avoiding nasty repair bills and keeping your energy costs down, you also stay happier, healthier, and more comfortable in your environment. Ultimately, with routine HVAC maintenance, you get the peace of mind knowing your system’s ready for anything.

Routine HVAC maintenance doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side. Automatically schedule regular appointments with us today! Gone are the days of your broken air conditioner and other HVAC units. We’d love to welcome you to the Rowbel Services family.

Did you know?

  • Deferring maintenance only defers a portion of the overall HVAC operations expense
  • Poorly maintained HVAC units suffer more emergency service calls
  • Reactive maintenance is the most costly way to maintain HVAC systems
  • Planned maintenance is efficiently easier to budget
  • Buildings today depend upon operating systems for telecommunications and computer systems to operate properly
  • Decreasing HVACR maintenance increases inefficiency, which increases your energy costs
  • Without proper maintenance, the life of your HVACR systems will decrease
  • Poorly performing HVACR systems increase customer and tenant complaints
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