How To Choose the Right Heating and Air Conditioning Service for You: A Guide

An air conditioning repairman working on a compressor unit.

Finding a reputable heating and air conditioning company can be challenging, and you may be persuaded to go with the first one that can arrange a repair, especially if it’s in the middle of the summer or winter. When your heating system or air conditioner stops functioning unexpectedly, you wouldn’t want to waste even a second waiting for a sub-standard repair company to fix it.

However, you must select a reputable company that can provide the services you require rather than one that wants to sell superfluous goods and services.

But with so many HVAC services in Baltimore, MD, how do you narrow it down to the best? Moreover, the HVAC trade has a bad reputation, particularly in Maryland, as most of them aren’t actually contractors but rather workers with equipment and the title.

Luckily, choosing a dependable HVAC repair company can be simple if those factors are considered during the scouting process. These strategies will benefit people who require specialized residential facilities.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best HVAC services.

Utilize Search Engines

To begin your search for the right HVAC services, utilize search engines such as Google and Bing. Search for “HVAC services in Baltimore,” and you will be provided with a list of services near you. From the provided list, you will see the star ratings for every company.

You can take turns to assess what each company offers. But don’t rely on the information most companies include on their home page only.

Ensure to read customers’ reviews present on their website. The reviews will have more information about their experience and competence.

If the reviews on the website look too good to trust, check third-party reviews like those on the Better Business Bureau. Such reviews are more reliable as they are beyond the control of the HVAC company.

The goal is not to find a company with 100% positive reviews. Despite the quality of services offered by a company, there will always be negative reviews. The aim is to find a company with a star rating of 4 and above and respond to negative reviews.

At the end of the search, you should have a list of companies that you can go ahead to assess further.

Ask for Referrals

If you don’t have the time to use the search engine, you can ask for referrals from your friends and relatives. Some of your friends might have needed HVAC services before. If they were impressed by the services, they received they will certainly refer you to the service provider.

Getting a recommendation from friends and relatives is more reliable than getting one from the internet. This is because our friends are people we have a personal connection with and trust. After contacting your friends and relatives at the end of the day, you will have a list of HVAC services that you can hire.

If you decide to use the search engine and referrals together, you will have a wide range of options. You will need to assess the companies further by checking the below requirements.


An HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances you might be having at home. Therefore, you must hire an expert who has in-depth knowledge in the system’s installation, repair, and maintenance. It would be unfortunate to hire an expert to fix the AC system, only to cause more damage.

To ensure your AC system is installed or repaired correctly, hiring an experienced AC contractor is the best option. An experienced contractor will offer the highest quality standard services and artistry. Besides, such contractors have handled the worst of HVAC repairs out there.

Having them working on your cooling system will give you peace of mind. To determine whether the HVAC services have the required experience, check the number of years they have been in the business. If they have been in the industry for more than five years, they might be worth a try.

Also, ask for proof of their past projects. In most cases, HVAC services that take pride in their work will always include their past projects on their website. By reviewing their previous maintenance work, you can judge whether they are the right ones for the job.

While still on their website, check the experience and training of the staff members. It’s satisfying knowing your AC system is being handled by experienced staff.

Accreditation and Qualifications

Apart from experience, you must hire an accredited and qualified HVAC contractor. Every contractor must acquire a license from the local government before starting operations.

The government closely monitors such contractors to ensure they follow building codes and other rules. By hiring such a licensed contractor, you would be guaranteed quality work.

Thus, before getting into a contract, request them to avail their license. To validate their license, you can visit the Maryland Department of Labor’s website and search their license. Apart from licensing, check whether the contractor has accredited approvals from relevant bodies.

You must also ensure the HVAC contractor has insurance. Insurance is crucial in protecting you from any liabilities arising when the service is being rendered. If the contractor has workers’ compensation cover, it will cater to any injuries arising during the process.

If they have a general liability cover, any damage caused to your property will be compensated too. To avoid monitory liability during HVAC maintenance, hire a contractor with the right type of insurance.

Type of Services Offered

Not all contractors will offer all the kinds of services you will need. Some will offer residential HVAC services only, while others offer commercial services. The last thing you want is to hire a contractor who does not specialize in the type of service you need.

If your cooling system has a serious issue, you will need a contractor who offers a wide range of services. Such services should range from installation and repair to electrical system inspection. So how do you determine the type of services the contractors offer?

Most contractors have a catalog of services they offer on their websites. By going through the services offered, you can determine whether they are the right fit for you. If they don’t have a list of services, then you need to call them and inquire about their services.

It would be essential to ask for proof of their past projects in such cases.

They might show you images of their past work or give you contacts of their referrals. If the images and the information from the referrals are impressive, they might be worth hiring.

Ask About Warranties

When hiring AC contractors, you hope they will offer quality services that will not call for any repairs soon. But even with the experienced contractor’s errors might arise. It would be unfortunate for your HVAC system to stop functioning after the contractor leaves.

If the contractor you had hired does not offer warranties, you will have to dig into your pocket to pay for the repairs. Save yourself from such hassle by checking for a warranty before hiring HVAC services. A contractor who offers warranties will fix their mistakes by offering you free services.

To determine if your preferred contractor offers a warranty, visit their website. If no information about the warranty is included, give them a call.

It’s also essential you inquire about the type of warranty they offer and how long the warranty lasts.

Before they start working on your AC system, ensure the warranty is in writing. This will make it enforceable in the future when the need arises.

Get Estimates

When seeking an estimate, be aware of contractors who offer estimates over the phone. The best HVAC contractor should visit your home or request a video of your AC to determine the kind of work the system needs. This is to ensure the kind of estimate you get is accurate and conclusive.

After getting estimates from the contractors, ensure to compare them. Take your time to understand the kind of charges included in every quote. But if you find contractors with far lower estimates than the others, avoid them.

Chances are they are inexperienced or offer shoddy services. Reputable contractors know what their services are worth.

After finding the estimate that matches your budget, ensure to have it written down. This will prevent the contractor from inflating the prices after rendering services. Avoid the contractor if they do not want to commit to the estimate in writing.

They are either unsure of what they are charging or want to include hidden charges.

Inquire About Their Suppliers

An air conditioning contractor who has been in the industry for more than five years must have an established supplier by now. With the AC unit being a huge investment, you have to ensure that the contractor uses quality repairs materials.

If you plan to install a new unit, you will hope to get a durable and reliable one.

You will only get high-quality products for your AC if your contractors get supplies from a reliable supplier. For this reason, ask your contractor the kind of AC units they install and where they get them from. Carry out online research on the type of units the contractors install.

Do the units have good ratings? What kind of complaints have the users of such products raised?

If the products have a good reputation, they are what you need. When you are done researching the products, go ahead to assess the contractor’s supplier.

Most AC contractors will include information about their supplies on their website. Search them online as well and get the kind of reputation they have. If the AC contractor is dealing with some of the reputable AC suppliers, you have nothing to worry about.


Suppose your HVAC malfunctions in summer; it’s essential to have it fixed as soon as possible. The last thing you would want is to wait for two days before having the unit fixed. For this reason, you will have to check the contractor’s availability.

In most cases, an HVAC contractor near you is the best option. They will take a short time before responding to your needs. Besides, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on them in case of an emergency.

If you have a busy schedule, you should hire a contractor with a flexible schedule. This does not mean the contractor can’t fix the AC in your absence. But it would be more satisfying to have a contractor who can fix the unit while you are at home.

To determine the availability of the contractor, you can visit their website.

Most of them indicate the hours they operate on their website. But to be assured of emergency help with your AC unit, hire a contractor who operates 24 hours a day.

If no information is available on their website, you can call them and ask about their operation hours.

Choose the Right Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Baltimore, MD Today

Finding a heating and air conditioning contractor with clients’ interests at heart in Baltimore, MD, is not easy. But with the right tips and knowledge, choosing an experienced and reliable one becomes easy.

Read the above tips on choosing the right heating and air conditioning services and get it right.

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