Services That Residential Electricians Perform

Have you ever experienced electrical problems only to realize you have no idea who to call? Even if you find an electrician’s phone number or visit their website, it can be difficult to know for sure what services they all perform. In the case of the safety of your own home, you never want to be unsure of who you’re calling. After all, there are different kinds of electricians, and not all of them have the knowledge to properly handle your issues!

If you have problems with your home’s wiring or electrical functions, the type of electrician you need to look for is a residential electrician. They have all the knowledge in the world about how to diagnose an issue, test for more problems, and make recommendations on how to best implement a fix so you can get back to your daily life and not have to worry about that pesky electrical problem you’re having.

After reading this article, you’ll have all the knowledge in the world about the different services that residential electricians perform. You’ll get a better idea of when you may need to call an electrician and the different kinds of problems residential electricians can fix.

Common Services Performed by Residential Electricians

There are many different services residential electricians perform to homes. Some of these you may not even know about, so stay tuned!

Outdoor and Pool Lighting

When many people think of residential services, some forget that the outside of their home needs to be serviced too! Whether you have an outdoor entertainment area, hot tub, pool, or all three, they can’t be used without proper wiring to them. This is just one of the many services that residential electricians perform. 

They can either make suggestions about the wiring you need or work based on a plan that you already have in place for the full customization of your outdoor entertainment space. 

If you have questions about your own outdoor space and want guidance, call Rowbel Services for help! Our technicians are trained and have the necessary knowledge to fully wire your dream outdoor entertainment area in as little time as possible. 

Indoor Lighting and Rewiring

Although most people know this, it’s still good to be reminded of it in case you need any of this specific service. Residential electricians are also able to install new indoor lighting or rewire old indoor lighting. Whatever your indoor electrical needs are, residential electricians can handle it. 

Is your home old/do you not remember the last time you had your electrical system rewired? It may be time to consider a complete rewire of your home (or at least certain rooms). While this seems like a daunting task, residential electricians are specially trained to rewire homes in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

Even if you’re simply remodeling certain areas of your home, residential electricians handle that too. They can make your remodel and customization dreams come to life so you can fully use the space for many years to come. 

Outlet Repair

While you may only think of electricians as being able to install new outlets and wiring, they can repair old outlets too! Needing an outlet repair is more common than many people think, too.

Not only can electricians repair old outlets, they can install new ones too! Have you ever been frustrated by how far away an electrical outlet was? Do you wish you just had one more outlet by your bed for your convenience at night? Or maybe in your living room so you can charge your phone while you watch your favorite TV shows? Consult an electrician!

They assess the total electric capacity of your home in its current state, determine a proper type of outlet, and install it wherever you want. It’s as easy as that! 

Circuit Breaker Replacements

Another common service that residential electricians perform is replacing your entire panel or individual circuit breaker switches. Especially if your home is old, panels and individual switches go faulty over time or stop working completely- which is frustrating to say the least. 

Having modern panels installed provides you with many advantages as a homeowner. Your energy bill may go down as a result of using new technology, and your family will feel safer knowing you have the latest and greatest materials installed. 

Electrical Code Corrections

Ahh, electrical codes. One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares but safety’s best friend. While many electrical codes seem like overkill, they’re really there to provide you with safety and electricians with consistency. If everyone just did what they wanted with their electrical wiring, it would be incredibly difficult for electricians to properly service them and implement safe features in their homes.

It’s completely understandable why electrical codes stress you out. That’s what residential electricians like the crew at Rowbel Services is here to help you out with! We have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand all those pesky electrical codes and make fixes where needed. No longer do you have to stress out about everything being in its place. Rowbel Services has your back!

Power Surge Protection

When we think about it, we have a lot more appliances and objects connected to electricity than we think. Items such as washer, dryers, ovens, TVs, and so much more rely on electricity to function properly. What happens if a power surge trips your power and renders these things useless?

That’s where power surge protection comes in. Power surge protection can only be installed by trained electricians, as it requires a bit of work to properly implement. Surge protectors take the extra electricity from these surges and grounds it so it doesn’t affect your appliances. 

If your home is big enough or it would give you peace of mind, you can even have multiple whole-home surge protection systems installed to handle different levels of your home or different types of electronics. 

Ceiling Fan Installations

Not many people know that electricians also install ceiling fans. Many people may think that’s another handyman’s job, but because ceiling fans require electricity to function properly, electricians are trained to handle installation too.

Whether you’re having a fan replaced or having one installed in a completely new location, residential electricians have the proper training and knowledge to get the job done. All that’s required of you is the purchase of the ceiling fan and the electrician handles the rest. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installations

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are devices that should be installed in every home. While each state has different carbon monoxide and smoke detector codes, it’s still a requirement for you to have them installed. 

Residential electricians can replace old detectors with new ones. They can also install brand new ones in new spots which may be necessary if your home’s electrical code isn’t up to par.

Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are simple for electricians. They’ll come in and survey your home to see where any existing detectors are. Then, they either replace those or add new ones in places to ensure you have nothing to worry about. After everything is replaced or installed, all electricians should test the equipment to ensure it works in case of emergency.  

Emergency Fixes

When life hits you with unexpected electrical emergencies, it can be extremely stressful to find an electrician that is willing to take on your emergency electrical work. However, many residential electricians provide emergency fixes as part of their services. 

There are a few different electricity events that are classified as emergencies, including:

  • Power outages
  • Burnt electrical outlet covers
  • Electrical fires
  • Fallen power lines
  • Electrical shocks
  • Total circuit breaker failure

As always, if you have an emergency that’s injuring you or causing active harm to your home, call 911 right away. If everyone and everything is safe, call an electrician to get help right away. 

Consider Rowbel Services For Your Residential Electrical Needs

Are you having problems with your home’s electrical system? Do you not know who to call to help you out? Consider having one of the caring technicians at Rowbel Services! We provide more than 20 premium residential electrical services to your entire metropolitan Virginia and Maryland area. If you’re unsure whether or not we can cover you, visit our website here and describe the problem you’re having and your location! We’ll help guide you to an all-fixed-up electrical system so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We also provide emergency services if you need maintenance in a pinch.

Rowbel Services hand selects only the highest quality and most dedicated service people to perform electrical work. Each and every one of our technicians wants to give you the best service possible in the lowest amount of time, so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible. We even have an average 5/5 star rating on Google that our clients attest to! 

We’d love to welcome you aboard to the Rowbel family. If you have any questions about the services we provide or simply want more information, feel free to call us at 877-ROWBEL-1 today!

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