How to Choose the Best Licensed Electrician in Baltimore, MD

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At least 13,610 electricians work in Maryland. So, it’s critical to pick the best licensed electrician for the job, whether you’re installing a new light fixture, working on a commercial construction project or renovating your house.

In fact, choosing the wrong electrician can be an expensive error that results in more repairs and restorations. It’s also possible to end up with a safety concern if you choose the wrong electrician in Baltimore, MD.

Electrical fires are the second biggest cause of home fires in the United States. Poor electrical installation can put your home at risk.

There are local, state, and federal rules that should be followed when it comes to electrical tasks. So, make sure the electrician you hire is properly licensed.

Here are tips for choosing the best licensed electrician in Baltimore, MD.


You want an electrician that will not take days to install or repair your electrical system. Available electrical contractors are also reliable.

The contractor’s working hours should be flexible. Flexibility means that the electrician will fit into your work schedule. You won’t have to compromise your schedule if you have other commitments.

An available and reliable electrician will give you peace of mind. Note that many electricians in Baltimore, MD, are always booked. So, booking the electrician late is likely to cause inconveniences.

Book the electrician in good time to avoid delayed services and other inconveniences. Check with the electrician to know when they will be available.

Get Recommendations

The electrical company you choose should be trustworthy. A trustworthy electrician will not offer you shoddy services.

Baltimore, MD, has many electricians. So, being a span decision is the easiest way to land on an unauthentic electrician.

Take time to conduct thorough homework about the electrical company of your choice. The first thing to do is to get recommendations from past clients.

Inquire about the electrician’s services, pricing, communication, and other relevant things. Negative recommendations are proof that the electrician isn’t reputable.

How the electrician relates with the local community also matters. Choose an electrical contractor with a good public image in Baltimore, MD.

Note that fake electricians do not have legal licensing. Consider licensing and other tips when checking the electrical company’s reputation.

Read Online Reviews

Choosing an electrician won’t be easy without checking their websites. The electrician’s online reviews will give you a glimpse into the quality of their services.

You need to know if the contractor has compliments or complaints. Take time to read the testimonials from past online customers.

While every electrician aims to make their customers happy, some still get negative reviews. So, don’t dismiss an electrician because of a few complaints.

Check the trend of the customer testimonials on the electrician’s website. Hire an electrical contractor with more compliments than complaints.


A reasonable budget for electrician services will save you from overspending. How do you create a budget when hiring an electrician?

First, contact several electricians for their price estimates. Comparing their prices will help you find affordable services.

Request for a complete fee structure. The fee structure should have a clear breakdown of various costs to save you from hidden expenses.

Don’t hire an electrician company that charges upfront fees. A few things will determine the money you pay.

One of them is the electrician’s expertise. While experienced electrical contractors are expensive, they are the best because of their quality services.

The complexity of the electrical work will also determine what you pay. For example, electrical installation is more expensive than electrical repair.

Lastly, the size of your residential or commercial property will influence what you pay. A larger property will require more electrical installation work, causing high charges.

Note that you will get what you pay for. So, focus on quality electrician services rather than cheap services.


Electrical installation and repair works are complex and sensitive. A minor mistake can cause fire outbreaks and other serious injuries. The only way to avoid such risks is by hiring a competent electrician.

Experience determines the electrician’s competency. An experienced electrical contractor has all the skills and expertise for the job.

A few things will help you find a competent electrical contractor in Baltimore, MD. First, confirm the number of years the electrician has offered the services. Check the contractor’s “About Us” page to verify the work years.

Secondly, confirm the contractor’s success rate. Success rate means the successful projects that the electrician has handled before. Don’t choose a contractor with a history of shoddy services.

We are an experienced company you need for your electrical repair services. Our competency guarantees you safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction.


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. So, various electrical contractors are located in different parts of the city.

While you’ll be looking for an electrician in Baltimore, you need the one near your place. A local electrical contractor is more convenient. You will get the services immediately after you contact them.

Sometimes, electrical emergencies happen. So, a local electrician is the most suitable option for your instant help.

A local electrical contractor also provides on-site project management easily. You won’t have to reschedule your other chores to oversee the work.

A non-local electrician incurs more on transportation costs. As a result, they charge higher to cater to the expenses. So, hiring a local electrician will save you some good cash.

A local electrician also has a great sense of your community. As a result, communication becomes easier.


An equipped electrician will benefit you in several ways. First, your electrical project will not take long. Faster completion of your electrical project will save you from unnecessary costs.

Buying electrical equipment will strain you financially. Hiring a well-equipped electrical contractor will save you from extra expenses.

The right electrical tools also minimize errors and promote safety.

Research various pieces of equipment that electricians should have. Contact the electrical contractor to confirm if they have the necessary equipment.


Warranty will save you money when uncertainties happen. First, consider what the warranty covers and exempts.

Don’t also forget to confirm the warranty’s lifespan. Choose a more extended coverage for your home’s or business’s electrical coverage.

Electricians provide three types of warranties. The first option to consider is the manufacturer’s warranty.

Sometimes, the contractor can install poor-quality electrical systems in your place. A manufacturer’s warranty covers damages originating from defective electrical appliances.

A workmanship warranty is the other option to consider. The warranty covers damages that come from poor installation or repair of your electrical system.

Lastly, consider an extended warranty. An extended warranty covers the damages covered by both workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties.

The extended warranty is the best option since it’s cheaper. Extended warranties also have longer lifespans than the other options.


Electrical installation or repair is a dangerous job. Hiring an insured electrical contractor will also save you money when risks happen.

Insurance is also necessary for your peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about injuries or damages to your property.

The first type of insurance to consider is workers’ compensation insurance. Sometimes, the electrician can sustain injuries while installing or repairing your electrical system.

Workers’ compensation insurance means that the electrician’s employer is liable for all work-related injuries. You won’t have to spend extra costs on the contractor’s treatment. If the electrician dies, the coverage pays the beneficiaries a death benefit.

The other insurance is general liability. General liability will cover any damage to your property. You’ll have the legal right to claim repair or replacement expenses as a client.

The electrical contractor you choose should have legal insurance. Confirm that the coverage is from a recognized insurance company in your state.

Check Red Flags

The red flags will help you avoid hiring poor-quality electrician services. You will also avoid losing your money to fraudsters.

There are many red flags to check out when hiring an electrician in Baltimore, MD. For example, the lack of an online or social media presence.

Many people use the internet and Facebook to hire services. So, an electrician without a website or social media page is likely to be a fraud.

The lack of licensing is also a significant red flag to consider. Unlicensed electricians are not competent – don’t hire them.

Ignoring such red flags is the first step to making the wrong choice. So, consider every red flag to avoid wrong electricians and get value for your money.


Licensing is a legal requirement for electricians in Baltimore County. Certified electricians have the necessary training and skills to handle electrical issues.

Licensing is also proof that the electrician complies with the set safety standards. Hiring a licensed electrical contractor will also save you from possible legal penalties.

Several tips will help you verify the electrician’s license. The first tip is to confirm with the Maryland State Board of Electricians.

The board requires electricians to have adequate hands-on experience to get registered. In addition, the electrician must have completed the necessary training program.

Check the type of license the electrician of your choice has. The first type of license is the master general license.

Master general licensing means that the contractor can handle complex electrical issues. The licensing allows electricians to offer services in any residential or commercial property in Baltimore County.

The other type of licensing to consider is restricted licensing. Restricted licensing allows electricians to handle simple tasks that have less voltage.

The electrician you intend to hire should show you either of the discussed licenses. Avoid electricians with expired licenses. Don’t assume that every electrical contractor you come across is registered.

Consider a Written Contract

A contract is a legal agreement that outlines the responsibilities of the electricians. With the contract, the electrician will meet your expectations.

written contract will also solve possible disputes that may arise. The agreement provides a timeline in which the electrician should complete your project.

You can file a legal claim against the electrician if he neglects your project. The contract should be based on the standards set by the Maryland State Board of Electricians.

Knowledge of the Safety Measures

Wrong electrical repair or installation work risks the life of an electrician. Choose an electrician who knows various recommended safety precautions.

First, the electrician should be familiar with the electrical regulations/codes of Baltimore County. Licensing proves that the contractor complies with Baltimore’s electrical code.

The other safety precaution is the proper inspection of the electrical tools. Well-maintained electrical equipment is proof that the electrician is mindful of work safety.

Safety gear also proves the electrician’s compliance with safety standards. The electrician should have a line hose, insulated gloves, hoods, hard hats, and goggles.

Such safety precautions will protect you, your family, workers, and the electrician. You won’t spend money on hospital bills because of injuries and other risks.

Schedule an Appointment

A consultation is a way of interviewing the electrician. Several things will help you prepare for an appointment with an electrician.

The first tip is to have already prepared questions. Ask about the electrician’s experience, charged fees, the electrical company, licensing, and other relevant things.

Pay attention to the electrician’s attitude and communication skills. Choose a polite electrician who doesn’t fumble around when answering your questions.

Avoid electricians who don’t allow free consultations. Don’t also forget to check around the electrician’s workstation. Check if the contractor has all the necessary work equipment and safety gear.

It is during a consultation you can negotiate fair charges with the electrician. So, request a price cut when discussing the electrical fees you’re to pay.

Hire a Licensed Electrician

Hiring an electrician should not be an option if your property has any electrical issues. A licensed electrician has the right training and expertise for the work.

The discussed tips will help you quickly find the best electrician in Baltimore, MD.

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